Others went out to the sea in ships; they were merchants on the mighty seas - Psalm 107:23
Others went out to the sea in ships; they were merchants on the mighty seas- Psalm 107:23


If you would like to become a volunteer, please contact us by calling 843-856-7046 or send an email to ChaPSSmail@gmail.com.

Here at the Wando Terminal Charleston Port and Seafarers Center 50 volunteers are scheduled for one of the four hour/four person shifts that begin at eight a.m. and ends at eight p.m. each day.  Up to 100 crew members are served on any given day by volunteers who speak English, Tagalog, German and Russian.


Each morning the faithful volunteer greets those who are homeless, lonely, afraid and in need of kindness and friendship. Volunteers offer free transport to the Seafarer for medical visits, shopping, wiring money, and personal needs. Crew also wants to go to the beach for a swim; purchase a refrigerator that will be the first in the crew member’s village; and to shop for food for an upcoming celebration while at Sea.


In addition, volunteers are on call to transport Cruise Line crew to play soccer with local teams. The phone and computers in the Center are used to call or SKYPE family members who have not been seen for many months. The smiles or tears a volunteer will witness when the seafarer hears his daughter’s laughter or sees his newborn baby for the first time is immeasurable.


Frequently Asked Questions




Our volunteers are a very important part of the organization and contribute mightily to the success of our mission.

Where—We need regular volunteers at the Wando Terminal in Mt Pleasant and at the North Charleston Terminal.  Other unique needs come up as well.

When—Volunteers schedule 4-6 hours weekly either morning, afternoon or early evening.   We will initially pair you with another volunteer.

What you do--Serve as first contact with the seafarers. Whether it’s providing internet access, phone cards, transportation to shopping or simply chatting and offering a warm welcome it is all important.

What you need—A TWIC card that costs $125 but is good for five years for port access and a vehicle sticker which is free.

What is your next step—Visit the Seafarers Center at Wando or North Charleston to see what we do.  Please call or email to plan a visit.                                                                            chapssmail@gmail.com           843-856-7046    www.charlestonseafarers.org

“Those who go down to the sea in ships…” Psalms 107.23

The Charleston Port and Seafarers' Society is a Christian charitable organization that exists for the purpose of welcoming and serving the needs of those men and women who make their livelihood in the port or at sea without regards to nationalithy, race, ethnicity, politics or religion.


Each year, more than 65,000 seafarers arrive on hundreds of vessels to the Charleston Port. Most crews consist of persons from diverse third-world countries and from many cultures. Three to four nationalities are common for one vessel, with a crew of around 25 seafarers. Many are lonely, away from home and their families for up to a year at a time. The need and opportunity for ministry to these brothers and sisters is tremendous.

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